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Every year the ABS analyses the mortality statistics for Australia. And every couple of years, I have a look at them for this blog. This year, the news from other countries has not been great. In the UK, as The Actuary reports, life expectancy has ground to a halt, with no improvements over the last three years. The Actuary quotes the International Longevity Centre – UK (ILC-UK) said the latest findings should be “taken with a pinch of salt”, and highlighted how incomes impact life expectancy. What is clear from our research is that the gap in life expectancy between the rich and poor is worsening over time. The reasons behind these disparities are complex, but it is utterly unacceptable to witness a growing health divide in 21st century Britain. So I was interested to see what has happened in Australia. Professionally, I’m most interested in mortality during the peak period of…